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My name is Mireia Navarro and I like to tell stories through my photographs.

I’m inspired by life and for me that comes down to just one thing: the people we love and what we share together. With my photographs, I seek to capture these bounds and shared emotions. I like the simplicity and authenticity in life and nature which is reflected in my style photographing.

It was after the birth of my oldest children when I understood the great importance of photography. I am passionate about motherhood, and like most mothers, I’m aware of life passing by too fast and children rapidly growing up and away from us. Photography allows me to capture the fleeting and never to return moments and save them as treasures forever. Unique moments, like the first breath of life of a newborn and the loving welcoming embrace of their parents. The excitement of a couple expecting their son. The purity of a newborn gaze and the hope and love in the eyes of the bride and groom on their wedding day. But also the everyday moments of a family at play.

A few years ago I decided to explain, not only the story of my family, but also of those who cross paths with me. I am convinced that the best job is the one that allows you to express and pour all your passion on it.

For me photography is not only a way to enjoy life or generate memories, it can also be a tool for self-knowledge, a medium for social action and awareness or medicine for the soul in difficult times. This thought led me to the creation of Dits Petits (Little Fingers), along with other fellow photographers, to provide free sessions for preemie/NICU families in hospitals.

I am a restless spirit, always having a thousand things on my mind and a thousand plans to do. I love cinema and traveling and meeting new places, people and experiences. The sea hypnotizes me, gives me a sense of peace and renovates me, which is why I need to feel it close to me. 

I'm at times introverted and do not like talking about myself, but I think my photographs can tell you more about me that I could ever say. I encourage you to visit my web and also 40+2 Fotografia where you can enjoy amazing birth stories.

If you like what you see, please contact me and let's talk!

Thanks for visiting, I hope you stay here! And if you want to see me "in action", press PLAY:

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